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Client: Suwal Industries

July 21, 2015

Unique gearbox motor is rebuilt to an excessive well-known of excellence by using C.A.R. additives. simply because your gearbox is showing wear or signs of failure does no longer imply that you want to place a Honda gearbox into your classic Triumph. The Roadster factory works very difficult to maintain the availability of high–quality rebuild additives, and bearings, seals, gaskets, synchro cups, bronze bushes, and countershafts are changed each time. Gears are changed if they’re chipped or worn, and TRF has some shares of recent gears for this motive as well as used gears if new ones are now not available.

Gearbox Motor Rebuilding Services

Simply as critical as the pleasant of the parts is the best of the craftsmanship that is going into rebuilding a traditional Triumph gearbox. At C.A.R. components, we own the special equipment required, and we have the revel in necessary to test every essential size, clearance, and specification to insure that the gearboxes we provide will function as new and last a long term. For those who care approximately appearance and originality, gearboxes rebuilt with the aid of C.A.R. additives appearance as true as they feature. All elements are wiped clean to an excessive fashionable, and a coat of silver paint to implemented to completed gearbox cases to protect them from oxidation.

The Roadster factory can provide a gearbox on an exchange foundation, but we favor to rebuild a patron’s old gearbox. If we rebuild your vintage gearbox, there might be no doubt that all variables, along with electric switches, will healthy your needs. If necessary, but, we can provide a used gearbox for rebuilding to the same old required by your particular vehicle.

Our Gearbox Rebuilding Projects

We built fully comprehensive gearbox rebuilds completed through our certified journeyman millwrights. these rebuilds include a preliminary assessment, disassembly, cleaning, specific inspection, failure analysis, value estimate for repair, substitute of any worn or damaged components, housing rebuilds if required, reassembly, and final trying out.
We rebuild all brands and styles of gearboxes

  • We specialize in rebuilding medium to huge sized heavy obligation commercial gearbox motor
  • Sandblasting and portray offerings are available
  • OEM components are available and used wherein asked
  • We fully file every and each gearbox rebuild, which includes a very last test document upon of completion

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