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MMR Inc. is fully equipped to offer fast and reliable pump repairs and a maintenance plan to not only maintain the efficiency of your pump unit, but also prolong its service life.

At MMR Inc., we have a well-equipped service centre, in which to undertake repair work and pump overhaul services on all process and centrifugal pumps according to proven methodologies and OEM specifications using quality equipment and skilled workmanship, ensuring that downtime is kept to the absolute minimum.

Our broad range of capabilities as well as spares availability and an advanced testing facility ensures that you receive maximum value throughout the repair process and beyond, allowing you to get the most out of your pump unit.

Pump Overhaul Procedure

    • The pump is carefully disassembled and all critical clearances and dimensions are recorded.
    • All components are then prepared for sandblasting and cleaning.
    • A thorough inspection is performed for wear, corrosion and wash-out damage, all critical dimensions and tolerances are double-checked.
    • Upon completion of the inspection, you are provided with a detailed scope of work for the repairs as well as a firm quotation for the costs associated with the pump repair.
    • After receipt of your order the repair begins – all components requiring repairs are meticulously repaired and components in need of replacement are replaced with OEM parts.
    • Lastly, the pump is painted and re-assembled back to the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications.

To learn more about our pump repairs and maintenance services, call us on (713) 937 3800.

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