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MMR Inc. is a certified manufacturer of industrial gears, providing gears and power transmission products and services, such as: gear cutting, power transmission component refurbishing, gearbox overhauling, machining, and fabrication.

Our main focus is on medium to heavy-duty industrial gearing jobs — we are equipped to undertake projects of any size and scope.

Gear manufacturing capacities…

Include Spur, Helical, Double Helical, Herringbone, Bevel, Spiral bevel, Bronze Worm, Racks, Pinions, I.D., O.D. Splines and Sprockets.

We’ve learned that a personalized approach, high-quality products, on-time delivery and after market service are of prime importance to our customers — MMR Inc. offers all of this and more to ensure total customer satisfaction.

MMR Inc.’s gearing solutions are used across many industries: OEM, pulp and paper, forestry, stamping presses {new and refurbished}, steel, marine, sugar processing, mining, aggregates, cement, and material handling.

MMR Inc. delivers single point contact solutions to our customers, including a full range of gear related engineering services intended to minimize losses to our customers. Our services include:

Complete Redesign, Specification Review, and upgrade Services

Complete redesign, specification review, and upgrade services – both new and existing power transmission equipment. Involvement by MMR Inc. during the planning, purchase and installation stages of new gears will help to minimize the risk of gear failure and the resulting financial loss to our client. MMR Inc. will design or provide specifications for the manufacture and purchase of new gears, evaluate proposals, review vendors designs, inspect finished parts, witness accuracy checks, and factory tests, review inspection data, supervise the installation, and attend the start-up. We help our clients get the best equipment for their money.

Gearbox Installation

New gearbox installations, erection, and commissioning – we can install your new, reconditioned gear unit including “drop-in” replacements for existing units.

Routine Maintenance Inspection

Routine periodic maintenance inspections – perform and document a complete visual inspection of your gear unit.

Gear Failure Prevention

Typically, a gear set in distress will begin to show signs of trouble long before a critical failure occurs. During this time, certain corrective measures can be taken that will significantly prolong gear life. MMR Inc. will inspect and document gear condition as found in service, set up a program to monitor the condition over time, and make detailed, practical recommendations on ways to correct any adverse conditions in order to extend gear life. MMR Inc has a long and successful history in the troubleshooting and analysis of gears in operation, with many satisfied clients.

Gear Repair Analysis

MMR Inc will minimize financial losses if a gear fails in service. We will inspect and photograph the failed parts, determine why the gear failed and what can be done to prevent future failure, help in getting timely and economical repairs, and provide a clear and concise report to aid in the recovery of losses due to the failure. Often, we can shorten the turnaround of failed gears from months to days by providing the technical expertise needed to manufacture or repair gears locally.

On-site Repair & Replacement 

On-site overhauls and gearbox repairs including bearing/rotating equipment replacement.

Start-Up Assistance/Set-up Verification

Our service engineers can be on-site to assist you during unit start-up, verify that the unit is set up correctly, detect and solve problems that may arise during start-up.

Condition Reporting and Analysis

Our gear specialists will perform periodic visual inspections of your power transmission gear boxes. The equipment’s condition is documented and tracked, noting visible changes in the equipment’s condition. New data will be compared to the machine’s history even though analysis results may be within acceptable limits, trends indicating accelerated wear or other problems may appear. Analysis may allow prediction of remaining life, impending failure.

Equipment Repair

Whether on-site or at one of our strategically located worldwide sourcing partners we deliver first class service, support for repairs, upgrades of existing power transmission equipment.

Vibration Analysis and Diagnostics

MMR Inc.’s Gearbox Condition Monitoring Predictive Maintenance Program can be applied to track the health of your equipment and aid in scheduling gearbox maintenance, avoiding unscheduled equipment or process shutdowns.

Failure Analysis

Root cause determination of failure is critical in confidently returning gearbox to service. Our service engineers look at the entire system, from operational loads, equipment design, equipment maintenance, and failed components to determine failure cause and permanent corrective action.

Design Upgrades

Equipment upgrades are critical to today’s production-driven manufacturing environment, supporting changing process requirements including expanding capacity, increasing reliability, reducing maintenance costs.

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